Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: DIY Edition

Of the three Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift Guides I’ve done over the past few weeks (check out gifts for your main squeeze & gifts for your BFF!), this one is my favorite – Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Guide! I’ve combed Pinterest, my favorite blogs, and my own archive (Shameless! Absolutely shameless!) to give you the best suggestions for how to make Valentine’s Day a DIY affair this year. With budgets, skill levels, and genders in mind, I think you’ll find this gift guide all you need for making your boo, bae, or bff something special that reminds them of your love and care all 365 days of the year.

I’m in love with all of these DIYs, so I’ll tell you a little bit more about each of them:

1. This DIY Dino Valentine from Lovely Indeed is one of my most popular pins throughout the year. I think what makes it so instantly beloved is the transformation that occurs when you gild something ugly (or ferocious, in this case!) and turn it into something fancy! An ordinary dinosaur toy isn’t anything to look at, but with some gold paint and tiny arms filled with hearts, there’s nothing not to love! This DIY is quick, easy on the budget, and something your valentine will love regardless of age and gender. Imagine leaving this on the desk of your best officemate? Cu-ute!

2. Working with leather is such a popular trend right now and it’s definitely something I want to try in the future. This DIY leather iPad case tutorial from Martha Stewart also features instructions for a wallet, mouse pad, and pencil case, so the sky’s the limit!

3. For the past two years, Bear has added DIY leather key chains to every single list I keep for blog ideas on my desk, phone, computer, or elsewhere. It’s a new year, so I guess I’d better take a hint. This simple tutorial from 17 Apart includes plenty of photos to guide you in creating these functional little charmers. If you want to get fancy, grab a letter and number stamp kit and customize your key chains with initials or a meaningful date.

4. These DIY vanity trays are so quick, cheap, and easy, but look really luxe! They’re one of my most popular DIYs on the blog and have been featured in various spots online. Most recently, these beauties made it into a feature on Elle Decor’s website as one way to spruce up your bedroom in less than an hour. If they’re good enough for Elle, they’re good enough for your valentine!

5. Did you tragically miss out on the gorgeous Multi-color Glitter Stone Stud earrings that Kate Spade carried over the holidays? Me too. If I’m only drawing your attention to this bad news now, I’m so sorry. Not to worry though! This ingenious DIY from Shore Society will have you armed with a pair for your valentine (or yourself – I wouldn’t be able to resist!) in no time and, truly, they look as good as the originals. I’m in love!

6. If your valentine is experiencing winter in a colder climate, these DIY hand warmers are an adorable, loving way to tell someone you think they’re hot! Minimal sewing skills required and the designer, Rae, has even included a printable card to include with the hand warmers explaining how to heat and, well, handle them. Such a thoughtful gift!

7. My Hibernate with Me pillowcases are one of my favorite DIYs ever and I’ve made it so easy for you with images and text you just download and print. Grab some photo transfer printer paper and your iron and you’re in business! These take just a few bucks and less than an hour – they’re beloved by…everyone!

8. I spend so much time ogling projects put out by the contributors of the Purl Bee, the blogging spot from the creators of Purl SoHo, that it’s a wonder that I, myself, am not so much better at knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Truly, I’m a disaster. This Railroad Tote is a fantastic example of why I keep coming back to their site, though – it’s current, super useful, and a project I feel confident trying because of their awesome, step-by-step tutorials. I love that this tote appeals to the masses both in its style and function – what valentine of yours doesn’t need an extra place to stash their stuff or carry home their groceries?

9. The title of this DIY toiletry bag on Polkadot Chair is “Dad’s Travel Bag,” but this case is great for anyone, of any gender, when they’re planning to be out of town. I especially love that creator, Melissa, used such a bold, fun fox pattern on the inside to give it a little something special. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for long distance loves – whether they be boos or friends – to remind them how much you look forward to their next visit.

10. Can you tell I really value organization and things having their place? Here’s a great tutorial for these adorable DIY clay jewelry dishes from Hello Natural. Aren’t they just so sweet with their scalloped edges and bright, bold paint job? These would be great paired with a set of scented tea lights candles so your valentine can use them as a candle dish to light up their bubble baths or in any other part of the house. For a finishing touch, wrap the metal exterior of the tea light with a washi tape that coordinates with the colors you chose for the dish. Instant hit!

I hope these DIY gifts inspire you and make you a hit among all your many loves for the big V-Day. You’ve got two weeks to go – get crackin’, lovies!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boo or Bestie

1. Best Bitches Necklace Set | 2. Leather iPhone Wallet
3. You’re My Lobster Greeting Card | 4. Tocca’s “Stella” Perfume | 5. The Cowboy Comb
6. Thrill of the Taste Shaker Set | 7. Frilly Lingerie Heart Panties
8. Onyx Pentagon Drop Earrings | 9. Wall-Mounted Bear Head Bottle Opener
10. Je T’Aime Pendant Necklace | 11. Printend Angora Fingerless Gloves
12. Clothes Horse Pocket Square Club | 13. The Sriracha Cookbook
14. Portland General Store Cigar Box Toiletry Sampler

Haters gonna hate. But be that as it may, Valentine’s Day is coming and even if you’re currently without a boo, isn’t it still kind of fun to think of making your best friend, office mate, or favorite relative your “someone special” just for the day? Some of my best Valentine’s Days were spent with a friend or two making a great big dinner for ourselves and watching movies or going bowling. I know the whole holiday is fueled by consumerism and here I am adding to the problem, but in the middle of February, I welcome the over-saturation of everything pink and sparkling. It’s also far enough from the holiday season where a small, thoughtful present to you from any kind of sweetie in your life, and gifting them as well, is good for your dreary winter soul. Trust me on this one, I’m a doctor…of philosophy, but still.

So, if you are celebrating and shopping for someone, but need some ideas or inspiration, fear not! I combed all of the Internet hot spots for you and put together some potential gifts that range across price points and interests. I think it’s a pretty great selection! Also, you’ll note that it’s not broken into categories of any kind, including gender. Here at Femme Fraîche we believe gender has its place, but we also believe in disrupting the compulsory cultural assumptions that are made about it. I think you and I are just too dang smart to think that “feminine” and “masculine,” are static, unchanging categories that only look one way and only include certain set characteristics. Thus, the list above is a sampling of ideas; none of which are attached to a specific gender or identity because I trust you’ll know which direction to go based on who you’re buying for and also because, frankly, doesn’t everyone in creation want that bear face bottle opener, anyway?? Right. I thought so.